Up & Up


       Up & Up, alongside our Foundation is all about connecting kids to the transformative power of the outdoors.
       We provide overnight summer camps and other year-round outdoor adventures for youth in the Portland, Oregon area.                         
Via camping retreats, we advocte a safe haven for the imagination, our character building programs

       aim to hone critical life skills, such as creativity, collaboration and communication.  Through our mentorships foster growth and outdoor skills via camping retreats.  Fostering experiences and relationships. Up & Up Foundation is currently in the process of registering ourselves as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.


To provide support to the thousands of kids in our society by providing mentoring and exposing them to the great outdoors. 


We exist to improve the lives of children and families, which in turn, will strengthen communities. 

After working hard and establishing success within his chosen career path and gaining recognition as an industry leader, Victor Sirgado decided to press the pause button and focus on traveling full-time in an Airstream with his family. "In 2016 I lived on the road traveling throughout the United States with my family camping, hiking, mountain biking, surfing and simply seeing what life outside of a traditional house would be like." "It was a transformative experience that forever shaped me and I understand how my two boys benefited from our adventure."

Understanding that there are systemic problems with our nation Up & Up's mission is to help kids develop trustworthy relationships with mentors who act as educators, friends and guides.

That said, our mission is simple...use the great outdoors as a learning tool for young kids. Create a stage where they can download wisdom from leaders who care for them and to guide them in a direction that will help them grow to be strong, productive young adults in their communities.




To be recognized as the premier provider of programs and services of national caliber:

  • We will maintain an organization that is fiscally responsible and financially sustainable.
  • We will maximize and expand innovative and integrated service delivery.
  • We will use proven research-based methodologies to enhance families’ strengths and abilities.
  • We will attract, retain and develop talent that embodies our core values.
  • We will provide a safe, culturally-sensitive environment that facilitates highly effective services.  



We believe in building on the inherent strengths that youth already possess.


We ensure that participation is always by choice and presented in a fun, safe and respectful environment.


We honor ourselves, other people and the environment in our words and our actions.


We believe in caring for youth without agenda.


We believe that sharing our love for the great outdoors is infectious.







The Up & Up Foundation is a safe haven for kids primarily who are part of the US foster care system. 

With the help of our industry mentors, board of directors and our community of thought leaders we strive to create positive long-lasting changes through camping retreats. We examine barriers in the home, school and community, working with the family who raises them and the organizations that support them.

Up & Up fills the gaps that are missing in our participant's lives by providing carefully designed outdoor programs, mentors and a consistent safe haven for those who join our community. 










Although the child welfare system is built to protect youth, too often these children are exposed to additional trauma once placed in foster care. They are separated from siblings, relatives and friends.  Frequently moved from home to home, they encounter a stream of new caretakers, schools, therapists and peers. Not surprisingly, without stability and proper support, foster children face an exceptionally high risk of unemployment, homelessness and incarceration as adults.

More than 50% do not graduate from high school and only 3% will earn a college degree. To combat these statistics, Up & Up provides overnight camp experiences, year-round educational, cultural and social workshops and activities and older youth programming that help our campers prepare for life after foster care. Up & Up will impart meaningful stability and a strong sense of community for the children they will serve.

Our goal is to infuse fragile young lives with laughter, happy memories and new experiences- that both broaden, and brighten the lives of our program participants. We teach children that in spite of their circumstances, they have a circle of support surrounding them and hope for a better future.