Up & Up


       The Up & Up Foundation is about connecting underserved youth
       to the transformative power of the outdoors while providing
       mentoring programs through camping retreats. We are currently
       in the process of registering ourselves as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit
       organization that will provide overnight summer camps and other
       year-round outdoor adventures for youth in the Portland
       foster care system. 



From wilderness survival training, surfing beach breaks to exploring the outdoors by horse, kayaking, mountain biking or hiking there are BIG ADVENTURES to be had. This summer, boys ages 10-to17 can ADVENTURE WITH US, exploring Oregon while creating friendships, building community, and developing leadership skills for all of life's adventures. Participants will come together from diverse cultural, ethnic and social-economic backgrounds to create an environment where we can celebrate what makes us unique, and appreciate the differences of others.  


  • 3 meals per day and healthy snacks
  • Transportation to parks, trails and beaches
  • All recreational and safety equipment, professional instruction, and guided exploration


For some youth, Up & Up isn’t the right fit.Up & Up does not serve youth who are impaired from using drugs or alcohol, are unable to get along in a group setting, are suicidal, or are in need of crisis mental health treatment or medical care that we cannot provide. When these youth come to Up & Up, our team carefully connects them with agencies and resources that are better able to meet their needs.


Teens, Tweens

2019 DATES

August 10 - 12th (Ages 09-15) Hiking, frisbee golf, soccer, horseback riding, mountain biking, camping, team building, games and more.
L. L. "Stub" Stewart State Park

Tuition - $300

Registration for Up & Up Summer Adventures is 100% online. Payment is due in full at the time of registration in order to secure your spot in a particular camp.

The Up & Up Foundation provides scholarships to underserved youth.
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The Up & Up Foundation is a safe haven for kids primarily who are part of the US foster care system. 

With the help of our industry mentors, board of directors and our community of thought leaders we strive to create positive long-lasting changes through camping retreats. We examine barriers in the home, school and community, working with the family who raises them and the organizations that support them.

Up & Up fills the gaps that are missing in our participant's lives by providing carefully designed outdoor programs, mentors and a consistent safe haven for those who join our community. 










Although the child welfare system is built to protect youth, too often these children are exposed to additional trauma once placed in foster care. They are separated from siblings, relatives and friends.  Frequently moved from home to home, they encounter a stream of new caretakers, schools, therapists and peers. Not surprisingly, without stability and proper support, foster children face an exceptionally high risk of unemployment, homelessness and incarceration as adults.

More than 50% do not graduate from high school and only 3% will earn a college degree. To combat these statistics, Up & Up provides overnight camp experiences, year-round educational, cultural and social workshops and activities and older youth programming that help our campers prepare for life after foster care. Up & Up will impart meaningful stability and a strong sense of community for the children they will serve.

Our goal is to infuse fragile young lives with laughter, happy memories and new experiences- that both broaden, and brighten the lives of our program participants. We teach children that in spite of their circumstances, they have a circle of support surrounding them and hope for a better future.